Originally founded by pastor Gustav Zollman in 1854, the Salem Church began conducting services spoken in German in one or two-room log cabin homes of it's parishioners. In 1858, five acres of land was purchased which would later provide space for the church building, a parsonage, land for the cemetery and an adjoining picnic area. The original log church building was built in 1858. Later, in 1868, the historical sanctuary, now called Heritage Chapel, was constructed. In 1872, the tall steeple was added, and a bell tower was installed in 1881. Stained glass windows, curved wooden pews, and hardwood floors were installed in 1916. Since then, the chapel has undergone remodeling to include carpeting and chandeliers, but the charm of the historic chapel remains the same.

In recent years a main sanctuary was added to the property to accommodate a growing congregation. Crossroads Church purchased the campus, and uses the main sanctuary for their congregation. They partnered with Chapel of Love in 2016, to be able to continue to use the intimate, historic chapel for smaller, elegant weddings. With 23 years of experience, Chapel of Love creates customized, memorable ceremonies that couples will remember for a lifetime.

If you would like to tour the facility, please contact Chapel of Love at 952-854-4656 or 1-855-296-5683.

Salem Church and parsonage 1800's

Heritage Chapel 2016